Search & Rescue

Fly Sky Photography offers free assistance to law enforcement in search and rescue operations.

We offer free search and rescue assistance to local, state, and national law enforcement agencies.

One of the greatest benefits of the emerging UAS industry is its ability to assist and enhance the search and rescue (SAR) efforts of law enforcement.

Our unmanned aerial systems are able to safely, efficiently, and economically perform aerial video and photography of areas of interest in search-and-rescue missions.

When time is of the essence, a UAS equipped with GPS can be in the air quicker than a search plane or helicopter. UAS are highly maneuverable.

Working in conjunction with law enforcement personnel, the UAS assisting in an SAR mission can be equipped with heat-scanning or infrared and night-vision camera systems.

UAS can “drop in” supplies including a radio, medical supplies or water, to a stranded victim in an otherwise unreachable location before rescue crews are able to safely extract the victim.

Fly Sky Photography offers our assistance and expertise to law enforcement for free.  We are proud members of AirBears and S.W.A.R.M search and rescue organizations.